July 30, 2020

Why Coding?

The Essential Question Mark!

Let’s dive into the subject of “why we need to code?” by enquiring about the situation we are heading to. Whether it is fatalism or indeterminism, for what it’s worth, we have to know why we decide to do something or better to say why we are going from physical to digital world. This is not related to my specialty for answering such questions but, I like to know about the philosophy and background history of what I do currently.

When I flashback to learning how to write the procedure I experienced when I was 7, I can figure out how it had been based on a repeating pattern of a segment extracted from the Persian alphabet. This had to be repeated gradually until we learned how to write sentences by assembling words we had known then.  This is a paradigm of learning for human, everyone has taken part while growing up. Lots of innovations we could find about trying to make it more assured even it is undergoing by latest progressions with cognitional researches but, the way our mind works has been based on what data it gets and what phenomena it sets them into. The main idea for asking myself about the paradigms of learning from human to machine is built upon the way we are forming our world recently. I do not want to interrupt the discussion by carrying probable AI issues but if we accept the fact that says we are heading to singularity, the paradigms of our living from learning, teaching to working, designing and everything will be under procedural transformation behind the scene by what technology is providing.

Towards future

Where I found out how things are getting easily done for a machine, by AI and machine learning algorithms, I decided to have my design learn about and connect to its environment. This means we are going to have architectural functions act smoother and have EVERYTHING INTEGRATED. This is exactly why I do believe we as designers need to know how to code to be able to define connections and proportions between different parameters from different factors. The idea here has to be more precise and clearer but, this is just a beginning for those who have been asking about what is architectural design going to be considered like in 10 years from now?! The answer is there might be no clue but we have to get ready for it by learning how to handle data manipulation with coding!

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