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Mashhad, Iran
+98 912 754 8021

I am a computational design enthusiast which now is heading to its next generation by using AI and Machine Learning which could be a highway for design integrated.

I am graduated from Imam Reza International Art & Architecture and have been working on Integrated Engineering for 8 Years both in professional and academic cases. Now the main idea of first integrated network of Professionals has been based upon these experiences. I also am enthusiast in Integrative design which is undergoing by challenging Iranian Architecture Functional Paradigms.

In 2014 I founded Ardaena: Integrated Network of Professionals. A great team with talented people who are working on Algorithmic approaches through Architecture, Structure and Urban Design.

My major role in Ardaena is to Lead the Integrated Engineering Team. I believe Integrated Design and Engineering is what we all need to have everything connected to move forward by less waste and more functionality. All I have been tried to define, are about having an intelligent dynamic growing system where elements come and join for a better environment by optimized solutions.

In any case you are interested in my field of study for a cooperation or any question you might have, please feel free to contact me with the addresses mentioned.

Where all the Efforts are getting Real!
Ardaena: Network of Professionals
Ardaena is the place I founded in 2014-15. The team has been selected by the most talented, enthusiasts in technology and architecture. Every day for us is like day full of passion with the huge amount of ideas and great working our team bring to an ambiance toward Integration!