August 20, 2018

M.Eng Thesis in Traditional Paradigms + New Technologies

Iranian Architecture Functional Paradigms

Theory as MultiFunction Definition

The whole project has been defined on 2 major ideas from Energy and Structure facts of Iranian architecture. The scenario gets it identity beyond the question of “How structure element can provide a range of abilities to energy demands or better adaptively?” This question brings us to early stages of Iranian architecture samples in both structure and energy principles. One of the most amazing structures in Iran is Azadi Tower placed in Tehran. The structure has been built on a great idea of Pa-To-Pa arches. These arches behave as controlling the loads coming from pressures to get neutral for each other by directing them together. This idea is the greatest basics of structural design in this thesis. In the other hand, we can find Iranian domes responses through the warm and dry climate condition to make the most shadowing during a day beside the greatest fluid capturing caused by temperature differences occurred based on the shadowing. These domes actually are structural claddings for most of high level spans adapted to that time technology, but beside they also have lots of integration with climatic parameters. These facts are what this thesis is trying to reach adapted to newest technology and integration design process.

General Description

There are always lots of questions coming in mind when we are designing. These bunch of Qs needs their answers adapted to design requests and conditions. Instead of all impacts from owners and other criteria similar, the aim of any design should be defined by the whole terms and special situations. Forms, functions, context, environmental issues, sustainability, energy, structure, aesthetic and all of these parts need to take part in a series of view sight. This view sight is the actual architect’s guarantee labeled as answers to first place questions. We all are living in a world with lots of complexities. Each field of study has its own difficulties and issues which architecture really is somewhere middle all the technical and practical studies. Building physics are getting more and more sensitive because of their effects on our world. Sustainability is one of the most important part of these stories. The complexity in every design needs to be simple to understand. Lots of parameters are defining now a days and in fact the current approaches coming by are moving toward setting these parameters. There are also lots of standards definition and certificates came after all these standards which will approve considering them. Lots of architecture stuffs are moving toward providing these standards with no creativity which brings us to defining a process, flexible enough to vast the options. The question here is how we can provide this process?

Designing The Module

When it comes through making an idea real, it needs to have something to test the process on. Crossover structure elements could be a great item to have the force line intersected toward have them countracted. A simple form as a pavillion has been chosed to bring the Module on and test if it works. The following parts are all related to the main Scenario as defining the Module on this free form.

Structure and FormFinding

Design process has to be integrated by all aspects can provide things more fluent and smooth which means the architecture is basically working toward managing parameters from form finding, planarizing, structural designing and calculations, energy aspects or any other criteria. Structural modeling by supposing Iranian facts has been bolded through is a way toward having stability beside esthetics and proportions.

Defining the Pavillion Elements

The story defined back on this form is relied on structural behavior from each element to the whole structure. The designer should use elements’ features to direct the load distribution. These features from material properties to mechanical properties and in general idea on physical aspects also needs to be known as well. The structural facts of Iranian traditional architects is actually based upon their knowledge on “Khesht”. All they’ve done has been integrated from material aspects to stability of structure to other dimension of their great architecture.

Analysis and Behavior

Each part of the main structure is defined and the Loading got adapted to Nation Logistic. One the most amazing challenges was set all through the tension on wood frames and the rubber parts defined as stress and tension elements. Every Module behaved as a neutral one and the whole system also worked fine on point loading and linear ones simultaneously.

Energy Functions from past to future

Two type of positioning controlling by sensors and stepper motors which provide adaptively with temperature and humidity changes. The process has been defined by 3 situations. First is when temperature coming lower than 15 Celsius which the motor programmed to change the z-axis placement to lowest location as position A, which makes the membrane stretched down. Second is when the temperature going upper than 40 Celsius which the motor makes move toward position B.  Otherwise if the temperature is between 15 and 40 Celsius, the motor will turn clockwise to go up if Delta-Temp is > 0 by Delta-Temp minutes, and else it will turn counterclockwise to come down by Delta-Temp minutes. Position A will provide maximum amount of solar radiation and less wind for lower degrees, the Position A will provide the minimum amount of solar radiation and most wind for upper degrees.

Prototyping and Sensors Connections

The prototyping Process has been adapted to design approaches. In fact there should be some materials like SMA (Shape Memory Alloy), to design all aspects toward the basic ideas. But now here it has been changed to a stepper motor instead. The stepper is controlled by a DHT22 sensor which is logging Temperature and Humidity simultaneously. The logged data will take by Arduino board and then the commander send the amount of time which stepper should revolve

The Process from Solar Radiation to Datasets

The procedure from radiation analysis to figure out the numbers and Delta-Temp as a timer for the programming is actually need to be defined in a package which makes dynamic responses for the modules. The modules will act like breathing by differences in temperature during the day. Each day will going by dry temp and humidity which is actually the basics for sensing though the board and stepper motor revolving to actuate the membrane up or down.

Challenging between Software Vs Hardware

 The aim for architects could be defined as some special ideas based on inviting this much of energy through the space or block it adapted to situation as heat source needed in winter or cooling in summer. Beside all these aspects should come integrated with other parameters which is obviously has to be considered.  

Module Assembling

Modules has been built based on the models from Iranian Arches which followed by the thesis idea as controlling load distribution and also handling the pressure coming as loads on the whole structure design. This module should be consider beside the others and will not be stable by itself. The cables will act as stretch bands parts to cover other elements from 4 different directions. The most load controlling will be divided through pressure stressed elements and stretched elements.

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