November 30, 2018

Generative Design toward Optimization

Free form Joint Optimizing! 



Challenging is our way to Learn!
(Thanks to Ameba for Grasshoppper)

We are heading to an era which optimization is going to be more and more important. The deal is to have a better solution and as we already know, we can provide it all by low cost – high tech techniques. One of the greatest approaches on this view sight is Generative Design. As it can adapted to material fraction scenarios, we used Ameba for Grasshopper to challenge one of our Joint designs. The process of producing Nodes has been taken by Caddisfly Ver 01.01 which is one of our tools developed by our team @ Ardaena. Caddisfly actually is a free form structure node designer. For more info please find its page at:

In this study we modeled one Joint as an instance and tried to reduce material amount 5% by 5% until we get to the final Von Misses the join can stable against by Load cases. The process followed by checking out different models and finally we printed the analysis output for reviewing.

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