August 24, 2018

Free Forms & More!

A problem solving approach

From Design to Analysis to Fabrication but, …

Free forms are one of the most complex engineering challenges. The cause is a great space of thinking which is all about having everything connected. The factors included are Structure, Energy, Detail Design, optimization and much more which all are need to be integrated and working together. The deal to have all of them working fine is to define every role connected to a whole system. In order to find out how and when everything should take effect is related to functions which has been set by designer. For 3 years, I have been studying on these complex forms from all aspects mentioned. Form finding methods, optimization in both structure behavior and energy analysis, element angles, rotations and other criteria which influence on costs and time, are the most relevant parts which I’ve been trying to check through design. Some of these endeavors attached Integration Engineering on special projects which are listed and described in this page.

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