August 24, 2018

Free Forms and Transforming Patterns

Free Forms, a subject to have complexities altogether

Any Parameter is a huge one to talk when it comes to free forms

 Free forms are one of the most complexities could be discussed as a challenge of engineering from concepts which is known as form finding to detail design, it really is an interesting subject. One of the biggest steps forward was the major curiosity has been built from professional works in a project and that issue made an atmosphere of thinking through these forms (it will be discussed in this document later). Right after studying all about these forms back and force, a research project got defined as supervising a PhD student (Sara beyraghi: The main title was all about transforming Persian architecture patterns on free forms. The project also are under progress and the answer is taken all from Circle packing to transform and form finding by the most accordingly approach in order to have transformation both geometrical and structural on free forms. 

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