November 30, 2018

3D Printing from Assembling to Fabrication

Machine Assembly as Learn How it Works



3D Printing as a way for Fast Prototyping Ideas

When we talk about a machine, it is important to know how it works to take the best out of it. My major task in Ardaena is managing Integrated Engineering Department (IED). IED is looking for providing algorithms for special problem solving and one of the main ones for it is Free Form Structures. This attitude took us to bring up Caddisfly (An Add-On for Grasshopper to design Single Layer Space Frames Joints). As we are looking to test its outputs beside every other steps in our definitions in similar ways like Smart Façade Modules (Which our other department is handling), we took a step toward rapid prototyping. Finally we get to buy a 3D Printer and the choice got into Kossel by Anycubic. The set was all DIY in assembling and we did it all by even changing some parts toward what we exactly needed. Right after machine assembling completed, we checked the procedure of its fabricating process to get possible errors. After a long term of back and forth printing the result got the accurate one we were looking for. We picked a Gyroid Model for printing set by Cura 3.5.0. the final model was good with no postprocessing and just by telling the G-Code to keep supports and other parameters it needed.

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