August 24, 2018

Wind! How to Interact with?

Wind pressure through buildings

Action and Reactions from Structure to Pressure of Wind

Wind Interacts with Building as Flows on Structure, Climate Condition and Human Comfort

 Design to Analysis toward Construction is like a way which needs to be Flexible enough for moving beyond. The more flexibility on Parameters and Proportions, the more qualified design will be raised. Both in climate comfort as indoor condition and outdoor as interacting with structure can be defined in order air flows and wind pressure define for building physics simulation and can be set on Computational Fluid Dynamics (CFD).

 Air flow in architectural space sets to human comfort with parameters like heat/cold load, humidity and metabolism which is adapted to function of the space. Some of this page presentations are related to projects with special conditions which made us to analyze based on heating and cooling systems and material impacts with physical and mechanical aspects taking role in each type of simulation.

 Structural behavior taken effects from wind is really complicated because of dynamic load of wind. The main idea is to have the largest effect it could on each form and that’s the exact part designers need to know how their design react against wind flows. 

Tehran, AtlasMall Project

 The project is facing wind flows from sides and front where the main free form structure comes up against pressure. In order to figure out how it might countering the pressure levels, we simulate the condition from different sides. 

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