August 24, 2018

Traditional and Modern Structure Course

Analyzing instead of Just Describing.

Architects going to be Analyzer for Structural Behavior Concetps

As an architect we have to know and understand structures well. The thought behind this necessity comes up with the question of how? When a design gets to construction level of act there are a lot of rules and logics must be concerned. This idea actually made me going through learning how a structural element works. 

A Great Experience for me as working beside Prof Vafamehr

One of the biggest benefit of learning the physical part of architecture is the fact that you will be able to reduce time and cost from very early design. In some of our projects as Integration Engineering Manager I followed structure knowledge right behind back of civil engineers and it really helped me out to bring my ideas so nearly what they were demanding. The experience I got from this opportunity took me to be invited as Teacher Assistant by Professor Vafamehr who is one of Iranian full professors in the field of structures in architecture. After first term I decided to suggest some changes in the class scenario and it really worked out the next term even to a great response from students which I got as my honor of their satisfaction because of the terms and course materials we added up to the professor teaching.

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