August 24, 2018

Technical Detail Design Course

Detail Design as an exciting Challenge we need to train for

 Detail Design Course, University of Qom, Iran

 One of the biggest problems in teaching and also learning architecture in Iran from professors and students also is having less practice compare with learning theories. This might be not a big deal in first steps but as we all know Architecture has to be built! So obviously professionals must learn how to build it beside how to draw it. The main idea of teaching detail designing had to be changed and I decided to ask students for a great teamwork. Each teams was divided to 4 person, one for searching, one for presenting the progress of group, one for graphical documents producing and another one to coordinate. However, in our major universities in Iran, professors prefer to just ask students to redraw details from expired sources, I decided to have a better and more qualified source to learn from. DETAIL Magazines are really familiar and also amazing to have such atmosphere. We changed the teaching habits in this class to check DETAIL Mag and each group selected a subject right after discussing all releases. Each session students in different groups had to check their subject mainly on DETAIL Mag and other ones to know the projects and details really well, then they had to present what they learnt as a sharing knowledge part. Besides, I as the lecturer took half of time to teach them the architectural details from one of the greatest and updated Books which made they mind to know how to review the Mags. 

The Sources

This is the story of how students with no clue on detail designing turned to the ones who caring about it and right now some of them have jobs because of that term of experience. The story of this class has not been finished yet and we are still working on DETAIL Mag as a translation project for Iranian students.

In order to progress students creativity through detail designing we ask them to review top projects by top Architects. The main task was demanded plus any other idea as developing the undergoing details.

Being a Leader in teamworking is hard but amazing!

Architecture is like an ocean and no matter where we are, we should make it deep there if we are looking for better qualifications. As the one who has special concerns in theoretical and practical facing architecture I accept the invitation of teaching a course of Technical Detail Design in university of Qom. There are some stories about the experiences I’ve had as a professional in projects but the main reason of this invitation was those concerns mentioned above.

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