July 30, 2020

RhinoCommon, the Main Library

Any who has experienced working with RhinoCommon, knows that coding by this DLL provided by McNeel is a blast through running functions easily while developing her or his ideas. You just need to know how to deal with its resources as different Namespaces if its object, data either label or command. As an equal comparison wandering from Rhinoscriptsyntax to using RhinoCommon is like launching a shuttle from the planet Earth to Milky-Way Galaxy. Rhinoscriptsyntax is just an easy package and RhinoCommon is a great .NET library of Rhino SDK.

RhinoCommon includes namespaces where all classes and structures have set. Moving from one class to another is like the same scenario of using different components from the Curve tab to Surface Tab in Grasshopper. I assume that readers of this blog have a common issue on learning Rhino and Grasshopper more in details so I mention every possible connectivity even in examples presented here. Where we need to take an edge from a surface that might be a curve presumably and going to divide it by a specific amount of segments; we need to call another function from Curve class to make it happen. This process is a type of loop we use to have every possible object related to commands by functions we need. The main ideas are the same but imagine every item from rhino itself, its windows, different object type as point, curve, surface and mesh, diversity of action commands on every geometry, calling specific functions like rendering, saving, editing tools and everything possible you know in Rhino and Grasshopper, are under your control to be developed, specialized, generated or get done where and when you need. This is the power an open-source API does convey to you.

Now it’s time to get involved with it, learn how to implement, and go beyond being just a user to the ones that could generate ideas with no bounding limit. Using open-source APIs has something else and it’s where you can come up with the ideas of composing different APIs together and get the benefit of all. This is just the way we do as Ardaena Integrated Design Team. I will post more on it later you can find in the Open-Codes tab of my website.

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