August 24, 2018

Iranian Architecture Functional Paradigms

Traditional Thoughts on Integrated Design

Traditional Thoughts on Integration

 When it comes to define a solution, the more aspects it could cover, the greater responding will appear. The deal here is to have factors working together and in order for bringing this up, the solution has to be dynamically developable. Each element in architecture must have some functions. Better solutions always come up with the ones which their functions are weaved toward the general idea of main task. Hence, this basic criteria will change the matter of behavior through an element even includes different materials and in this case the whole system should make it work as an integrated part. Aesthetic, structure, sustainability and other approaches coming by these, can be gathered in one element designing process.

 Iranian architecture had always been known as the one bring this scenario to real phenomena buildings stable till now. Out of prejudicial speaking, the approach traditional architects had behind their minds according to 7000 years of experiences, made this happen. The main idea here is to explore what they have done back then as these complexities through integration engineering.


Light and using it in different modes has been always a great part of Iranian Architecture but; What if it had been gotten much more beyond just aesthetic and lighting? Here is the case of Nasir-Al-Molk mosque in Shiraz which has a lot of photograph also but there is a phenomena nobody ever mentioned before which is the general idea of a lighting in mind. The image of opening arch shape full of colors is just mapped on the carpet right between two columns. The question is what time this arch will be mapped right there? The answer made us to check it which needs to be proved. In other side, the colors seems to be working as something like Chroma therapy which also defines an amazing multifunctional space if it would be true.  

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