November 30, 2018

From Algorithms to Detail Designing

Complexity? The Power against is our Algorithms



Iran-Mall TennisCourt Detail Design

We use special algorithm to play with parameters affecting projects. Form different factors like structure, energy, materials, details and more; we put our mind through simplify the most sophisticated engineering problems. Algorithms which can provide the environment of working with Points, Edges, Surfaces and Geometries can take the engineering process toward a higher level of problem solving. Ardaena is a place to challenge these styles of facing issues. People are skillful as programmer architects and engineers who can use visual and textual coding. One of the project we are handling by algorithmic engineering is Iran-Mall Tennis Court. The main consultant we are working under his supervising is Mr Karimbeigi (An Experienced International Engineer who takes special role playing in large scale projects). This part is under construction and the main contractor for it is Pars Gufka. The main issue for this project was controlling the Shop Drawing for each span and designing some special architectural modern details. Our team started to write an algorithm for the whole spans which had too much details on each special designed beam. Then we took part in detailing attached to the main structure. This back and forth procedure continued by even tiny details for supports and other specifically parts.

From working with parameters toward Shop Drawing

The aim in our designing is to have everything connected. Therefore, we write our solutions as codes and algorithms can check, analyze and produce what they have been written for. Tennis court for us was another challenge to provide it by significant time consuming on shop drawing. The key to success these kind of role playing is to define functions of codes in order to get some keys and act as an algorithm with decision making where ever it’s needed. 

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