August 20, 2018

Data Visualization as a Problem Solver

Exploring Data toward producing Info

Recent Projects has been Solved by

There are a lot about data these days. The importance has no longer a doubt about data but as a greater level of exploring, managing and implementing these data sets might be the question and the answer might be the data visualization or data modeling. These models can make things clear as connections and proportions between different factors coming up with the main issue. The models has been introduced in this page are for different projects. The algorithm also is working like a toolset to bring data from Excel files right through visual programing.

From Urban to Philosophy and Design Process

1: the main model here is related to a cognitional project which has been defined for a governmental institute working on new ways of look and future studies.

2: the Urban and Architecture intersection project also shows a model to have the connectivity between parameters of having a better space to live.

3: energy simulation is a part of integration design process and when it comes through having a special idea or problem it has to be set all adapted to what the building has or has not. This model shows the designer how to respond to that.

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