August 24, 2018

Algorithmic Engineering, Parametric Modeling Course

Working with Different Universities

It’s all about Algorithmic Problem Solving!

 There is something should be the main axis of moving toward and it’s sharing knowledge and one of the greatest situations to do that is making it through Lectures. In order for providing the spreading ideas space, these are some of Lectures and conferences I invited:

  •  Ferdowsi Uni 2014, Design Process in Digital Era
  •  Isfahan 2015, Integration and Energy by DIVA4Rhino
  •  Qom 2015, Digital Fab Systems
  •  Mashhad 2016, Parametric Modeling& Algorithmic Enginereing
  •  Qom Uni 2016, Grasshopper as a Tool not a designer
  •  Mashhad 2017, Algorithmic Engineering
  •  Mashhad 2017, Parametric Modeling
Coding, Computational Design, Lectures and Presentations, Thesis Supervising ,
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