August 24, 2018

Algorithmic Engineering in Site!

Facade and Parameters from Different Factors

Engineering Stuff in Building Envelops + Optimization

 Façade is the very first thing brings a user vision through any architectural project. As it is going to be more complex and sophisticated by new aesthetic approaches, the whole engineering to make it works also is getting complicated also. Façade engineering needs to be adapted by the level of the performance which should control and behave as the layer between inside and outside of space so it needs to be prepared for both indoor and outdoor activities. Here in this way our team can analyze and optimize the concept design and its adaptation beside the performance from modeling to constructing. As the model and design gets complicated the scenario on making it constructability gets harder. Form finding and other technics can take place in order and we are ready to bring impossibility to possibility on this.

 Experience of Designing, Analysis and Fabrication

 We are consulting other architects and companies by Algorithmic Engineering and this is our job actually. Using different method of problem solving makes us study and develop our team on multidisciplinary thinking style. These series of projects are also related to during our cooperations. 

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