Integrated Design

This is My Personal Website! I actually am going to share some of my works both academic and professional here. The main thought behind running this website is to spread ideas with enthusiasts all over the world about new technologies in Architecture and Integrated Design.

There are lots of posts here in myblog page. Lots of them are about to move beyond what we used to do in design process to a higher level procedure. The greatest motivation might be the fact that we all need to imagine how material could generate forms and more on generating spaces with special qualifications afterward? This question made me go for using coding and computers to speed up the way we take for complexities. Solving an issue like this mainly through structural aspects of design is the part I am trying to get to. As an instance AI these days letting us to use connections and proportions to patterns. I believe in functional ones, we can use this new brand technologies to move where we couldn't before. All I am trying is to implement the best we could, teach it and develop it.
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